Transforming remote mountain regions in the Western Balkans into a leading European transnational outdoor destination

The mountainous regions of the Western Balkans are among the most economically disadvantaged in Europe.

With the High Scardus Trail, we have created a new adventure tourism flagship offer that connects around 20 villages, over 40 accommodations and numerous other local businesses in three countries.

In addition, local stakeholders were trained in tourism marketing, sustainability and digitization. Together, we have digitized and extensively marketed trails, attractions and tourism MSMEs. 

Through the development of destination management frameworks, socio-economic impact analyses and the establishment of a transnational association of more than 20 local stakeholders, viable business models, the continued management and joint promotion of the destination are guaranteed. 

300 km, 20 stages, High Scardus Trail as new outdoor tourism flagship offer designed, developed and implemented.

Digital booking solutions and viable business models for hiking tourism along the trail facilitated.

1,500+ outdoor tourism routes and 600+ points of interest digitized and published.

Publication of an interactive, virtual travel guide of the region.

650,000+ pageviews on digital content from the region generated.

+250 local stakeholders trained in capacity building programmes.

The establishment of three transnational associations for the promotion and management of nature-based tourism supported.

“By combining our various competences and building partnerships with local stakeholders in the Western Balkans, we were able to realize the full development potential that sustainable outdoor tourism can unfold: From the creation of signature offers to wide-ranging marketing and the implementation of resilient, locally based business models. We are deeply convinced that this role model can pave the way for positive impact together with emerging destinations everywhere. This is why the REMOTE Alliance has been formed.”

Günter Mussnig, CEO of Trail Angels